The AGS UVC-O3 steriliser is a class I medical device conceived to sterilize potentially contaminated objects through the use of soaring intensity UVC radiation and ozone emission.

Designed for the sterilisation and sanitisation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), it fits accordingly with work tools and goods displayed in retail outlets. The unique 3-Gen technology brings the AGS UVC-O3 out, enabling effectiveness with different materials such as plastic, metal, textiles, electronic components and daily objects, synthetic or natural.


3 operating modes bundled in one device

  1. Sterilisation and sanitisation of objects in the tank: Ensures rapid disinfection from bacteria and viruses certified up to 99.98%.
  2. Sanitising objects outside the tank: Guarantees rapid sanitisation of objects and surfaces by direct application using the brush included.
  3. Room sanitisation:Guarantees sanitisation, simply place the UVC-O3 Sterilizer in the central area of a closed room, enter the cubic metres of the room and run the program. The system calculates and produces the required ozone concentration.

Large and sturdy

The supporting structure is made of AISI 304 steel. The 80x51x30 cm internal volume allows sterilizing simultaneously many units or medium-sized objects. The electromechanical safety lock prevents accidental opening before the cycles are completed. The external surfaces are coated with antibacterial material to prevent contamination.

360° Action

The AISI 304 inner lining is antibacterial and reflective: while the inner grid allows efficient circulation of ozone, the radiation bounces off the walls, reaching even the innermost parts and most complex shapes of the objects to be sterilised.

Different programs to suit your needs

The 8 predefined programs are calibrated to produce a specific combination of UVC and O3 without damaging the materials and ensuring maximum sterilisation efficiency. Simply select the program corresponding to the type of object to be sterilised and start UVC-O3.


FFP1-P1 masks
FFP2-P2 masks
Paper or fabric masks
Masks N95
N99 and FPP3 masks
P3 and N100 masks
Hospital respirators


“Use the brush”
Lightweight clothing
Work clothes
Bags, wallets and belts

Metals and jewellery

Mechanical watches
Hairdressing scissors

Environmental Sanitation

Plastic tools

Combs and plastic objects
Protective visors


Reams of paper


Notebooks, tablets and smartphones
Electronic devices weighing less than one kilo
Electric razors


Plates and similar
metal cutlery
Napkins and tablecloths

Multiple advantages

The combined action of UVC and ozone assures the disinfection from bacteria and viruses within 3 minutes with a certified abatement level of up to 99.82%.

UVC-O3 is a GREEN cycle device: it uses air from the external environment and releases clean one at the end of the sterilisation cycle.

Ensuring  low energy consumption, no chemicals or consumables  are used nor harmful waste substances are produced, as well as being maintenance-free.

Last but not the least, the sterilizer is based  on patented technology, UVC-O3 ,result of the research and design skills of AGS Spa, a leading company in the development of advanced technology applied in various industrial fields.

Quick and versatile

8 sterilisation programs, each one with 3 levels of intensity, for effective action on many materials and surfaces: synthetic fabrics, non-woven fabrics, natural fabrics, latex, plastic, steel, paper and derivatives, electronic components.

Sterilisation cycles are extremely fast thanks to the combined of UVC and O3.

Easy and safe

Simply load the device, close the door and use the touch screen to select the desired sterilisation program in relation to the load.

The electromechanical safety lock prevents accidental opening before the cycles are completed. The external surfaces are coated with antibacterial material to prevent contamination.

Some feedback about us

Effectiveness against Coronavirus certified by the Virology Laboratory of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.



UVC waves act on the surfaces of objects ensuring a total antiviral action.


The ozone cycle makes it possible to reach the innermost parts of objects with complex shapes.


8 different automatic programs for different materials and objects of various morphologies.

Combined technologies

The 3Gen technology minimises the ozone abatement time and therefore the duration of the cycles.

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